Pick any two major uprisings from the past four years and answers these questoins..
1. In each case, what are the people fighting for (or against)?
2. In each case, does either media influence these uprisings?

One uprising I picked to talk about is the one in syria, for the last few months and then some syria has been starting war in its own coutry. There have been several instances where things have been happening to people random car bombings murdering and wounding civilians also suicide bombers these occurences are even hapopening in BEIRUT, Lebanon. One of the articles i am citing talks about two recent expllosions. According to the article people are fighting for “The Abdullah Azzam Brigades, an offshoot of Al Qaeda, claimed responsibility, saying it would continue such attacks until the Iranian-backed Lebanese militant group Hezbollah withdrew its forces from Syria” (ANNE BARNARD and HWAIDA SAAD).

Another major uprising is happening in russia and they are taking over places in the UKraine. Recently “Heavily armed gunmen seized a number of government office buildings in Ukraine’s Crimea region on Thursday, and have reportedly raised a Russia flag above one of their barricades, according to the AP” (David Stout). There isnt much information as to why they siezed this building byt it has something to do with ” Crimea is Russia.” This uprising in russia is not good russian president Vladimir Putin looks to me lik ehe doesnt have control over his own coutry.

In both of these cases i do not feel that the media coverage or the use of social media has influenced these uprisings. It seems to me that the influence on these uprisings is way more powerful than social media, these events are happeneing whether the worls knows about them or not.

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