Twitter VS Instigram
2 Paragraphs
What are the pros and cons for each WITH regards to world news
Two Paragraphs

I am not exactly sure what I can compare my information to because I do not have twitter or Instigram however, I do have a facebook. I guess I am out of the loop, honestly facebook is enough I do not need to go to three different social media networks to get all of the same information from each of them. I have heard things about twitter and instigram but I do not have my own experiences from these websites. Therefore I can give you the pros and cons regarding world news from facebook..

The biggest pros through facebook are that we are able to see things as soon as they happen, weather the information is correct or not. There was a power outage in my neighborhood last night and instantly people all over facebook were talking about it. George Zimmerman got away with murder everyone wrote about it as a soon as it happened. The timeliness of social media has to be its biggest competition with traditional world news, people are finding out things are happening on there cellphones before they get home form work and watch the news. Some one the cons about social media could be the simple fact that it can be addicting, it takes people out of there environments. Everyone sits in a room and looks at there phones instead of talking to each other its pretty sad how dependent people are on that next tweet or what ever you want to call it.