Week 7 Do you know who’s watching you?

What pieces of information do you consider private?

If so much information is given away freely via social media, is there a problem with either corporations or the government reviewing published information? 2 paragraphs

In all reality I guess I would consider personal pictures private, bank accounts, messages that are kept private for a reason, birth certificates, social security cards, medical records, I think wages should be private. I understand that people put up pictures on there social media networks every five seconds, every person has their own personal opinion about what they consider to be private.

I do not feel there is a problem with corporations or the government reviewing published information. I do feel there is a problem with government spying and them doing sneaky things behind peoples backs like the cell phone thing and snowden, I also recently heard that the CIA was hacked by the government spying Im not exactly sure but its confusing.  Anyways when an individual puts there personal information on a social media website I feel that is there own doing, no one is holding a gun to their head telling them to put there information out there, yes it can be risky but its each persons problem. If you do not want to possibly be seen by someone you do not know, then do not join a social media network. Its kind of weird because now all you hear in the news when something happens to a teenager, was there last Facebook status like owe 2 drunk 2 care or something about Trayvon being a gangster and drug dealer. Those kids put that information out there its their risk private or not!


Week 6 Social Media vs Traditional Media

Twitter VS Instigram
2 Paragraphs
What are the pros and cons for each WITH regards to world news
Two Paragraphs

I am not exactly sure what I can compare my information to because I do not have twitter or Instigram however, I do have a facebook. I guess I am out of the loop, honestly facebook is enough I do not need to go to three different social media networks to get all of the same information from each of them. I have heard things about twitter and instigram but I do not have my own experiences from these websites. Therefore I can give you the pros and cons regarding world news from facebook..

The biggest pros through facebook are that we are able to see things as soon as they happen, weather the information is correct or not. There was a power outage in my neighborhood last night and instantly people all over facebook were talking about it. George Zimmerman got away with murder everyone wrote about it as a soon as it happened. The timeliness of social media has to be its biggest competition with traditional world news, people are finding out things are happening on there cellphones before they get home form work and watch the news. Some one the cons about social media could be the simple fact that it can be addicting, it takes people out of there environments. Everyone sits in a room and looks at there phones instead of talking to each other its pretty sad how dependent people are on that next tweet or what ever you want to call it.

Week 5 Topic

Pick any two major uprisings from the past four years and answers these questoins..
1. In each case, what are the people fighting for (or against)?
2. In each case, does either media influence these uprisings?

One uprising I picked to talk about is the one in syria, for the last few months and then some syria has been starting war in its own coutry. There have been several instances where things have been happening to people random car bombings murdering and wounding civilians also suicide bombers these occurences are even hapopening in BEIRUT, Lebanon. One of the articles i am citing talks about two recent expllosions. According to the article people are fighting for “The Abdullah Azzam Brigades, an offshoot of Al Qaeda, claimed responsibility, saying it would continue such attacks until the Iranian-backed Lebanese militant group Hezbollah withdrew its forces from Syria” (ANNE BARNARD and HWAIDA SAAD).

Another major uprising is happening in russia and they are taking over places in the UKraine. Recently “Heavily armed gunmen seized a number of government office buildings in Ukraine’s Crimea region on Thursday, and have reportedly raised a Russia flag above one of their barricades, according to the AP” (David Stout). There isnt much information as to why they siezed this building byt it has something to do with ” Crimea is Russia.” This uprising in russia is not good russian president Vladimir Putin looks to me lik ehe doesnt have control over his own coutry.

In both of these cases i do not feel that the media coverage or the use of social media has influenced these uprisings. It seems to me that the influence on these uprisings is way more powerful than social media, these events are happeneing whether the worls knows about them or not.

Works cited

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Week 4 Topic

What are Stem subjects? Do stem jobs pay well compared to other jobs? include one chart with a citation for it.

Stem Subjects are those that fall under Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics. Basically science and engineering falls under stem subjects. Americans acquiring these jobs is very important to the success of America and the competitiveness with other countries. Every country is striving to make the newest thing and a lot of that falls under the stem subjects. These Stem jobs most definitely will pay well compared to other jobs because you need an education to hold these positions in Stem fields. This chart shows how much money Stem jobs payed in may 2010. stem

“Employment and annual mean wages for the largest S.” Chart. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011). Web. 20 Feb. 2014.

Topic of Week 3

Lets talk about your major.
Why are you studying what your studying?
How do computers play a role in what you plan on doing, or how will they play a role in the future? 2 paragraphs

I am a Sociology major, Business minor. I Transferred as a Business Administration Major from FAU in Boca Raton, Florida to U ALbany. When applying I was denied as a business student because I am not a 4.0 student and they deny 4.0’s. Basically everything I wanted to do in my life was changed. I had to pick a different major so I picked sociology. I had taken sociology previously and thought it was interesting and easy to understand. I do not have plans to be a sociologist unless there is some business aspect that comes along with it. However I do have a minor in Business, I could further my education and go on to get my masters in business if I wanted to go to school any longer than I have already been going. I need to make money and I cannot make a decent income as a full time student and find a fulltime job that is convenient to where I live. Anyways that is why I am study what I am studying!

Computers play a role in everyone’s lives as of today. Everyone that has a smartphone is using a computer, so the world will not be able to function with out computers, it has become dependent upon them. I bet cashiers would not even be able to count out change if the register did not do the calculations for them. For what I want to do in the future I am sure I will need to use an excel sheet or research something. Computers are going to be needed more than ever in the future. There is obviously an exception to everything out there. There are many people that live with no electricity and have no money to buy electronics but they will eventually have to succumb to technology!

Week 2 Topic of the week

1. Is citizenship only a legality, or is there more to being a citizen of a country?

2. Is there such a thing as civic duty?  Why or why not?
1. I think citizenship is way more than just a legality, First and foremost the definition of citizenship is defined as some one who has the rights, privileges, and duties of a Citizen, Viewed as a member of society. So in my own words someone who belongs in a certain place or has earned their right to be in a certain place. We house many immigrantes and illegal citizens in the united states which make them a legality because of how many there are in this country and how many are not legal. As for other countires I do not know what it is like to be considered a citizen but I do know that being a citizen of a country is way more than just legality.
2. I think there is such thing as civic duty. “The responsibilities each person has as a citizen” The ability to vote is a civic duty or I guess actually voting would be the civic duty. Lowering the flag for a fallen soldier is a civic duty. I most definately belive that there is such a thing as civic duties it is just up to each person to determine what their civic duty is. Everyone may have  adifferent one, its not like a job or something that people are 100% into but there are ways to express each individuals civic duties.  There are so many things that can be considered a civic duty like paying taxes, going to school, driving the speed limit, jury duty so yes there is such a thing as civic duties.

Topic of the week

I am not exactly sure if this is how I am suppose to do what we were asked for this assignment.

Edward Snowden, leaked information to the public about the government spying on people.

I think what he did was the right thing to do and possibly the wrong thing to do. I feel he did the right thing by telling people what the government was doing because it is an invasion of privacy and they have no right. On the other hand I feel what he did was wrong because he was trusted with this information, he was expected to keep it a secret and he couldn’t for what ever reason he felt necessary. He risked his own life by giving out this information but he also could have made a lot more worse things happen with other counties, he did not think thoroughly who this would affect.