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What does this alternative reality game – tie in do?

This website has you log in through your facebook and it takes all your information and tries to pick out who your stalkers are, who your friends and enemies are. Where your located and how much money you make, Based on the information that digitalshadow gathered about me it was not that correct it was right about a few things but not everything. I am not exactly sure how this has anything to do with a video game though. This game seems to be like Grand Theft Auto but you can control cyber space and do all the thing you could in grand theft auto with the help of technology. The trailer for this game seems very interesting and scary all at the same time because this is what people are really doing in real life just where we cant see what they are doing.

Do you think that there might be a more powerful/better functioning example that is coded by professional data miners?

I am positive that there is definitely a more powerful/better functioning example that is coded by professionals. If some video game designer can come up with this why not a professional who spends their life trying to hack into peoples information, how do I know that logging into this website through my facebook that I did not just give all my information to someone I do not know. It is scary you never know what or who is watching when your online.

What does this say about your online privavcy?

This says that we do not have any online privacy, yah there might be a privacy setting on facebook to only let certain people see your page but apparently that isn’t stopping some people. This makes me scared to think that I just submitted my information to this game and now my information will be on it. Who knows what they are going to do with all the information they have gathered from people just logging onto this website. Also the fact that someone could even come up with a game concept like this is pretty crazy.