When you post pics and photos online are you making it easier for someone to research you or someone you know?

With technology such as Google glass, do you believe that there will be an increase in the crowd sourcing of surveillance? Is this a problem or feature?

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After looking up soursurveillance I have heard of this before it is like when you go on Bing and look up your address sometimes there are pictures of the cars in your driveway and the exact picture or surveillance of your house or anyone house in that case. It is kind of creepy knowing that there are cameras watching everyone recording them all over the place, but in the case of the Boston bombing it was a good thing because that is how they found the two guys, buy looking though surveillance videos. 

When posting photos online yes I am totally making it easier for someone to research me or someone I know. Even if i have my setting to privacy there are people out there that know how to hack into peoples accounts and they can get what ever they want that way. I actually watched an episode of CSI last night where this murder used a womans identity to put her on a porn cite and basically exploit her body, but by creating her online he use a real persons identity to attract wealthy men and he took their money and killed their families. All of this happened through a computer he would record the men watching the porn through their cameras with out them even knowing. The whole story line pretty much ties into this surveillance thing.  Anyways when putting this information out there we as in alot of other people not just me, make it so easy for someone to exploit us or for someone to find us. It is actually really scary if you think about it, the cyber world is a scary place. 

I had no idea what Google glass was until I looked it up and I think that is pretty cool. And it is kind of crazy to think what they can actually create with technology. I do not think that there will be an increase of crowd sourcing of surveillance because these glasses are pretty expensive. I would just rather use a computer but the Google glass makes it more inconspicuous if you wanted to record someone with out them knowing. I am not sure if this is a problem now but i feel like down the road this could become a problem and be an invasion of peoples privacy’s.