What are some of the benefits described in this view of Globalization?

What are some of the problems that come with globalization? 2 citations 2 paragraphs 

Some of the benefits described in this view of globalization are rather different than one would expect. According to Thomas Friedman “I feel about globalization a lot like I feel about the dawn. Generally speaking, I think it is a good thing the sun comes up every morning. It does more good than harm. But even if I didn’t much care for the dawn there isn’t much I could do about it. I didn’t start globalization, I can’t stop it — except at a huge cost to human development–and I’m not going to waste my time trying. All I want to think about is how I can get the best out of this new system, and cushion the worst, for the most people” (Cobb). Thomas believes that Americans should continue to update working skills and strive for better to make the world a better place. Friedman thinks that there should be a lot more youths getting involved in science, engineering and mathematics before there are more people in other countries doing these jobs in stead of Americans. There are many benefits to globalization but most of them involve getting people involved according to Friedman.

According to Friedman there are many problems that come with globalization such as “The degradation of the planet may make it incapable of supporting its human population. The global economy is rapidly depleting the resources on which it depends, polluting the air, water, and land and changing the global climate. There are critical reasons for searching for an alternative” (Cobb). Friedman goes into more details about many problems associated with globalization like not being able to get enough people to pay attention to the fact that the world is being depleted and there are ways to prevent it but it may be to late. The planet earth will eventually not be able to support all the life on it if people do not understand globalization and how to help change this process that could happen. “If this radical change could be implemented by human decisions, other decisions could effect other changes” (Friedman).


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