Is illegal downloading a victimless crime?
Is it different from stealing? If yes why/ how is it different? 2 citations 2 paragraphs
I think illegal downloading is a victimless crime and sometimes I think it is wrong too. When downloading illegaly you are not putting a gun to someones head, it is easy to access information that is right in front of you. When downolading illegaly you are not going to a store and stealing actual cds instead taking the risk to download something on your own computer, and then do what ever after that. When downloading illegaly you are not hurting anyone physicaly. Not paying for a downloaded song or movie is not that big of a deal to me. When I was younger I use to use limewire then it became frostwire and now I use itunes and buy the songs. Honestly at the time I downloaded illegally I did not think it was a crime, I figured it was out there so it was free and if there was an issue with that then being able to download illegally should not be so easy to access, that is someone elses promblem not mine.
Now that I explore the issue yes it is stealing. Yes when downloading illegally you are stealing someones music or movie or program or what ever it is. I think that the issue should be brought upon limewire and or frostwire and the websites that make it so people can pirate these songs and movies so easily. I think that downloading songs is a different way of stealing than what peopel are use to, this is stealing in an advanced way allowing people to go under the radar because it is so common that they could not arrest everyone who does it. Now if you think of actual stealing you can get cought and punish for those actions. This is simular to what Aaron Swarts did and he took his own life over the consiquences of taking free things from the internet. Clearly someone thinks that downloading illegaly is and issue considering the fines can be up to 150,000 up to five years in jail ect. So yes it it stealing in what ever form of stealing you want to call it.

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