What pieces of information do you consider private?

If so much information is given away freely via social media, is there a problem with either corporations or the government reviewing published information? 2 paragraphs

In all reality I guess I would consider personal pictures private, bank accounts, messages that are kept private for a reason, birth certificates, social security cards, medical records, I think wages should be private. I understand that people put up pictures on there social media networks every five seconds, every person has their own personal opinion about what they consider to be private.

I do not feel there is a problem with corporations or the government reviewing published information. I do feel there is a problem with government spying and them doing sneaky things behind peoples backs like the cell phone thing and snowden, I also recently heard that the CIA was hacked by the government spying Im not exactly sure but its confusing.  Anyways when an individual puts there personal information on a social media website I feel that is there own doing, no one is holding a gun to their head telling them to put there information out there, yes it can be risky but its each persons problem. If you do not want to possibly be seen by someone you do not know, then do not join a social media network. Its kind of weird because now all you hear in the news when something happens to a teenager, was there last Facebook status like owe 2 drunk 2 care or something about Trayvon being a gangster and drug dealer. Those kids put that information out there its their risk private or not!