Lets talk about your major.
Why are you studying what your studying?
How do computers play a role in what you plan on doing, or how will they play a role in the future? 2 paragraphs

I am a Sociology major, Business minor. I Transferred as a Business Administration Major from FAU in Boca Raton, Florida to U ALbany. When applying I was denied as a business student because I am not a 4.0 student and they deny 4.0’s. Basically everything I wanted to do in my life was changed. I had to pick a different major so I picked sociology. I had taken sociology previously and thought it was interesting and easy to understand. I do not have plans to be a sociologist unless there is some business aspect that comes along with it. However I do have a minor in Business, I could further my education and go on to get my masters in business if I wanted to go to school any longer than I have already been going. I need to make money and I cannot make a decent income as a full time student and find a fulltime job that is convenient to where I live. Anyways that is why I am study what I am studying!

Computers play a role in everyone’s lives as of today. Everyone that has a smartphone is using a computer, so the world will not be able to function with out computers, it has become dependent upon them. I bet cashiers would not even be able to count out change if the register did not do the calculations for them. For what I want to do in the future I am sure I will need to use an excel sheet or research something. Computers are going to be needed more than ever in the future. There is obviously an exception to everything out there. There are many people that live with no electricity and have no money to buy electronics but they will eventually have to succumb to technology!