1. Is citizenship only a legality, or is there more to being a citizen of a country?

2. Is there such a thing as civic duty?  Why or why not?
1. I think citizenship is way more than just a legality, First and foremost the definition of citizenship is defined as some one who has the rights, privileges, and duties of a Citizen, Viewed as a member of society. So in my own words someone who belongs in a certain place or has earned their right to be in a certain place. We house many immigrantes and illegal citizens in the united states which make them a legality because of how many there are in this country and how many are not legal. As for other countires I do not know what it is like to be considered a citizen but I do know that being a citizen of a country is way more than just legality.
2. I think there is such thing as civic duty. “The responsibilities each person has as a citizen” The ability to vote is a civic duty or I guess actually voting would be the civic duty. Lowering the flag for a fallen soldier is a civic duty. I most definately belive that there is such a thing as civic duties it is just up to each person to determine what their civic duty is. Everyone may have  adifferent one, its not like a job or something that people are 100% into but there are ways to express each individuals civic duties.  There are so many things that can be considered a civic duty like paying taxes, going to school, driving the speed limit, jury duty so yes there is such a thing as civic duties.